Monday, October 8, 2007

The 2Gs

Last Friday I took day off to rectify some minors of after-repairs. Before that I had the front grille masked a night before so that I can happily spray flat-black on it in the morning...
So how was the process?

Figure 1 : Grille Masked lazily using masking tape cap ayam

Figure 2 : Painted with Flat Black alternated with Clear coat; total 4 layers.

Figure 3 : Masked removed & let dry for around 30 minutes

Figure 4 : Emblem reassembled.

Figure 5 : Just nize.

To fill up from saving daytime I came up with aerosol-painting (again) the GTI gear console & previous gear knob which had the mounting screw cover stucked. Had that opened by machine shop for RM5.

Figure 6 : Center console boot holder (or what is it called?)

Figure 7 : Gearknob, original colour

Figure 8 : Painted 2 layer, Candy Brown alternate Clear coat

So the day was filled with fixing & painting... plain thirsty. Yeehaw!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Arnold: I'll be bark (back)

It's back. Just that simple. With some minors that needs attention.

Monday, October 1, 2007


Last weekend I had a fair share of free time given total off: 2 days from work. To beautify the strut bar I bought not long ago (and to compliment the new enginebay, sorta); I took the idea that came from 5z to get it painted with Titanium Grey. But heck, 1 colour would bore too, right?
Hit the hardware shop & got me 2 instead: Titanium Grey & Candy Brown

Just though a darker scent will help, so flat black & clear coat for the finishing :p