Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Conning rod

Exactly 9 days after the thieving incident, reaching the Bukit Jalil - Seri Petaling intersection from a meeting with fellow forummer; an unfamiliar noise being heard from the engine bay. Though throttle response was normal, the sound was a bit more louder than it supposed to be.

Worrying that the piston could be shattered, slowly I drove the car to Ganu's place (Ganu aka Mitsubishi) for his review on the case. He confirmed that the conrod's bearing is out of place. Gosh. August have not been kind to me. I'm pretty upset but knowing that it could've been worse, I'm set for development on this block since I already had the plan to overhaul for quite sometime.

The car stalled in EB One for 4 days, so I drove carefully to a friend's workshop nearby Hicom Shah Alam to engage the repairs. After bringing down & disassembly of the engine, looks like conrod no 4 is badly damaged & needs to be replaced. Quickly I searched through & saw an ad selling set of 4G93 pistons + conrods. Turns out it is the same person I dealt earlier to get a backup crankshaft.

Dead conrod

I took the rocker head for some colouring project while Alvin sent the engine parts to the machine shop where they confirmed a few things:
  1. Crankshaft need to be shaved & polished
  2. Current conrods are all goners!
Luckily I had the set of conrods, so that already save me big time. The crankshaft however, is going be shaved & not replaced which means it will be fit with a specially measured bearing for conrod no. 4. So, I'm going with ACL Aluglide set for this session.

To be continued...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

D*mn Buggers

Earlier this month, about 2 weeks before the reach of Ramadhan, my car was breach by riding robbers! The driver side window was wrecked (luckily my tint still holds the breaking portion). They stole a gadget inside of the glove box, along with my gear knob. Gear knob??
Many suspect that this could have been insider's work, from where could it be prolly the workshop that installed the gadget itself but who knows.

According to a maid of a neighbour which is also the only eye witness during the incident, there were 2 men on motorcycle that produced the tragedy, which could probably be Indonesian. It was around 2.00pm in the afternoon when it happpened.

Seeming there's an intake manifold at the backseat, the robbers only took whatever convenient most to handle but they do possess the knowledge on the gadgetry since it the socket was detached without any trace of snaps...

Just some pics for viewing pleasure...