Friday, November 16, 2007

Proof or rarity

In the denial of my humble & strict parking practices, I have today came to a situation where my patience ran out too quick in waiting for a proper parking lot to clear up. So just parked at the roadside (yellow lines, L&G), where I later discover that I have just been booked for it.
And if there is any proof that the car is not as mass produced as any other models of PROTON (please, put aside Tiara & Juara), this is the proof or our rarity. This model, readers, was never produced even 2nd unit of it.

It's one of the best feelings I get towards end of 2007. Smiling. Like a madman.


The other day I had a minor accident, cause noticable dent on the front hood. The grill brackets are also broken, so it also had to be replaced. So decided to go for repairs & new grille, and was quoted a price. Since changing colours wouldn't affect the amount, I had it go with black, for bits of personalization & customization of my liking. Not bad eh?