Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Under the hood 1

I've been thinking about changing the tower strut for a while, so I crossed a half-cut store that sells few adjustable Cusco struts matching the mounting specs for a Putra. The one I had in the bay (looks like Hurricane tower bars sold in ENEOS) is already distorted due to flexes taken on hard driving days, where it also marked a scratch underneath the front hood.

Bought the used strut for RM200, which I reckon can get cheaper about RM150 at some other shop. Guess I was just to lazy to joust into a bargain :P

So I had it replaced on a fine day during wheel balancing at a tyre shop, earlier this month.

Mounted tower brace

A few days ago, I bought some pre-cut hood sound dampeners from Brothers Accessories Shop in Kelana Jaya, so I just took my time pasting it underneath the hood to further help insulate the engine noise when it's running. Cost is quite cheap which is RM38 for a stock Proton Wira / Satria / Putra front hood. Just for reference, same insulation material retails at RM35 per square meter. The material looks & feels of an OK quality for the price offered.

Sound dampeners (insulation)

I wiped all access grease underneath the hood. Any tough grease got a good help from WD40 for removal & get the surface squeaky as much as I can with a dry cloth.

Day 1

Day 1: Halfway

Day 2: Completed

As we can see everything fits into place accordingly. Not too shabby eh?


After sometime, the car's paint seems to be a bit in disorder due to peeled skin & unwanted scratches which oversees the true religion of the paint nature.
I had again ordered a touch-up activity from Din (my occasional spray painter) to help me about it.

Few things had been re-sorted:
  • replacement of side skirts (Poly Urethane Perdana V6's trimmed length)
  • installation of door trim (lining) with custom rear fender lining
  • replacement of Asti Spoiler with custom duck tail version (non-Batman or so-called Asti-Z)
  • refinement on front lips mount & paint work
Replacement of spoiler includes tampering the mounting holes with steel for permanent seal.

The works started on the 10th this month but seemed to dragging until Saturday, 15th since the rain was up & about during the works. Due to lack of sheltered ground, the works only completed that night about 1 am, when I was finished with my badminton activities @ New vision courts in Petaling Jaya with fellow ex-university mates.