Tuesday, August 25, 2009


After sometime, the car's paint seems to be a bit in disorder due to peeled skin & unwanted scratches which oversees the true religion of the paint nature.
I had again ordered a touch-up activity from Din (my occasional spray painter) to help me about it.

Few things had been re-sorted:
  • replacement of side skirts (Poly Urethane Perdana V6's trimmed length)
  • installation of door trim (lining) with custom rear fender lining
  • replacement of Asti Spoiler with custom duck tail version (non-Batman or so-called Asti-Z)
  • refinement on front lips mount & paint work
Replacement of spoiler includes tampering the mounting holes with steel for permanent seal.

The works started on the 10th this month but seemed to dragging until Saturday, 15th since the rain was up & about during the works. Due to lack of sheltered ground, the works only completed that night about 1 am, when I was finished with my badminton activities @ New vision courts in Petaling Jaya with fellow ex-university mates.

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