Monday, May 21, 2007

Images of breakdown

As blogged earlier here I present a pics of the old fuel filter:

As recommended actually the fuel filter is to be replaced at 60,000 kms (if not mistaken), cost around RM18. Recently the fuel pump also died in my attempt to start the car going back to my friend's factory, after taken out so here's the malfunctioning fuel pump looks like:

The pump looks great, eh? It's unbelievable that its malfunctioning while looking so good & new. Cost around RM140 but the other day I was conned to the amount of RM250 for the whole job. Nevertheless the work done was good, no extra problems found on ignition & sprinting other than a broken bracket for my rear seat. Argh!! (thank god it has no noise)
And...what else? I've been worrying for quite sometime about the cracks on my bumper, and the gaps I saw through easy detailing on the car:
As I haven't got time to go fiber shop & have the bodywork done, I think I'll just skip it for laters until I get the audio unit working. Lately it has been acting weird, like shutting the sound from hard driving. Suspect the wiring, or even the HU which is not a convenient aspect. As long as the 4G work its magic from a throttle, I'm smiling.
Anyway just 2 days ago the car had a blackout due to shot-circuit of the battery point with the front hood, causing the battery 'kong' (discharged excessively) hence I had to recharge it by jump-starting with another battery. As I was wondering whether the fuse did blow up & who's going to help me, a club member stroll by the scene as he parked his Putra at the very parking space my car stalled (unbelievable!!).
So I was saved from starving & walking some kilos & managed to COD with a forum member later on & go for basketball....

Fuhh... Thank god.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Engine not starting

Few days back I was taking my time browsing some half-cut shops in USJ with 2 friends, as we attempt to go back to his factory, my car couldn't be started. Seems the ignition is working however there was no response on any ignition, even after hard pedal press.
So suspect that the fuel wasn't pumping in to the throttle body. Darn it, workshop had to be found. Thank god I have my friends with me, we pushed the car around 600 meters to the workshop (half-cut areas sure got few workshops!) and luckily the workshop still not closed (almost 7 o'clock) !
After simple diag of changing relay seems does not solve the problem, afterwards the car had to be left at the workshop with me digging my friends backseat, tired. Main suspect was the fuel pump, which had to be replaced with a used one that cost me almost RM200. New ones could be around RM300-Rm500, according to the mech-assistant... I wouldn't know.
After all that, Remp-IT was on again to make sure the pump works as it supposed to and results are no downing.

Yeah... also cost me an Emergency Leave.
Boss, forgive me.

Friday, May 11, 2007

La³ new radio

As of today my headunit has already been changed few days back from the SONY Xplod (Jap unit) to stock Waja Campro's Clarion. The sockets match but some additional wiring was accustomed by the bro who did the wiring. Brothers Puchong is where I found the HU, initially sat under a stock VIOS HU. After failed to bargain with the lady shopkeeper, decided this is the one to go with and the wiremen took out the Sony HU where my friend Buyau who was accompanying me drastically bought it from me! Yay!

Below was the conversation held between me (Me) with the shopkeeper (LS):

Me: Eh, this waja hu how much?
LS: RM250.
Me: What? (Good price) Can't give discount?
LS: Cannot, ini sudah murah.
Me: 230 ringgitlah, kasihan saya lor...
LS: Cannot, ini sudah murah...
Me: Come on, you're ma prennn....
LS: Tak boleh laa...tarak untung punya...
Me: Ok, ok. Rm250 siap pasang haa?
LS: Yup, siap pasang.

The HU is capable of using bluetooth, but sadly I have yet to learn how to activate or utilise this feature. MP3 using CD is so much cooler then using modulator man....
Have to say Xplod's bass was a bit better, but sound quality has not been compromised much. Rather than finding a booster, worth my buck changing since I have the HU features I needed, and ready for minor upgrade.