Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kg Melayu Subang

Was waiting a friend filling his Kelisa's petrol tank yesterday.
So long haven't record a picture of the car.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Time at the Cyber

What's been up till now? We're having lots of time in CC lately playing CS...
the addiction came some time ago, but when the CC's operation was shut due to unlicensed game installation, our nights were brought down to disclosed emptiness.

So what did we do?
Spend our nights like we always do, mamak lepaking, do our own stuff which in my case: went for basketball practice, jog around the small lake @ Bukit Jalil, spent more time downloading & watching movies downloaded. I'd like to remind myself there's still tons of titles remaining unlisted as some of them were downloaded by my little sister.

Until last night, I did not remember to clean my PC, spider webs & dust are slotting all over the internals (I did not keep the housing bolted nor mounted). I guess it's about time I go back to review the arrangements of items & housekeeping, though I've been busy like hell lately (is hell really that busy too? -- I don't want the answer)