Friday, September 21, 2007

Restoration Works pt 3

Engine is in!!!
Yes, it's on test run, but not tested on roads yet. Hahah. So happy to see 4G93P back & some are new in the engine bay. Dashboard also have been mounted but without the gadgets, so far.

New radiator, alternator, clutch housing, hoses & pipes for ABS pump has been added, as previously it was taken out. Yee haw!

Below is the clutch housing that has leaked due to breakage. Has to be replaced. Anyone's up for the gears?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Restoration Works pt 2

After another week in the workshop, the internal bodywork has been sealed with some sort of primer to smoothen out the surface & engine bay was painted. Now the wirings are sorted back on to the chassis before they can drop in the engine. Engine was still laying on the ground with no works though :(

As for the external fender & hood, it will be painted after the engine is installed into the engine bay to prevent unwanted scratches to the bodywork.

Closer look, so far job looks pretty good. Just hoping all same after the drop-in. What engine is coming in, I wonder? LOL

The new suspension still use the old swaybar, which I had doubts to begin with. But guess it'll be OK.

Cabin wires are all over the place... I am yet to familiar. Never will, probably. So maybe I'll wait out another week before getting the car... Can hardly wait now that I see everything is almost in order.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Restoration works

After 2 weeks of processing the claim & getting the approval, the car made it to the repair bay & it has been a week there now.

Chassis was fixed, where new hood assembled, both side wheel houses & fenders were replaced up to the radiator grille & front bumper. The front lips are yet to be assembled.

The new wheel house was welded and now waiting to be cemented to smoothen the surface.

The drive train support: Cross member & center member. As a comparison, below is the shot of the damaged crossmember:

The engine is however still in the fix. Will update later on when I go to the workshop again next week.