Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The miraculous Sunday drift

Last Sunday I was on my way to my third wedding invitation, venue was Kg Malaysia. It was around 3.36pm as I drove from Sg Besi turning to a right U-turn to Besraya, the car skidded and started to drift. It was unstoppable & the attempt to counter was in vain when the tail swings quickly, the car went straight to the side road dividers (6th image)...

The car was sort of jumping at 1 point, and returned to the road while slamming the underneath, resulting on a broken gearbox. The car strayed on the leftside of the road before I halted it with the handbrake. Blur, I looked to the side mirrors for oncoming cars & went out to check the damage. Bad.
GB oil was flowing down, bumpers, fenders, hood out of place. Cross member was also bent badly (2nd image). Surely, there's lot more to consider.

Thank God, I'm still intact.

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