Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Angry over an idiot

Being tickled by the emotions based on trust & friendship, it's not really hard to get over a bad sequence once in a while but when it comes to a serious & threatening situation, you can't get away with being all fired up to kill somebody or at least break his leg.

Such situation often results as an ink blot that's hard to remove, especially when you have known each other well over light years but still being cheated effortlessly. Seemlessly coming back & forth with logical reasons, it all then boils up to a realization that any good intentions you were trying to serve has instead, become pejorative & disregarded? Damn.

The climax of the frustration is when you find out they don't even consider about anyone else or their safety! All those self-centered decisions & irresponsible misconducts have caused irreversible state. Well, humans just don't realize what they have until they have lost it... I hope such person lives well to understand & appreciate the fact that he is still alive... DUMBASS.


Lagendaris buli buli Zaemon said...

well said

MissBehaved said...

sabar yer.. whatever it is, let be that u're the bigger person.. takes a lot of guts to stay sane in these condition..

karem said...

selamba sabar

buli buli zaemon said...

selamber bayar rm300 huahuahuawei (eventough i despise him)