Monday, September 8, 2008

About a nut

Last Saturday, I had my rims changed since the 'new' rims were ready after I asked a paintshop to check on the lacquers. Turns out the silicone wipe were repelling the lacquers, so the guy said it's not applicable at the moment. I have no problems with that since the paint looks just fine, so to install the rim without further ado.

Once the present rims where removed, spring isolators were fitted in between the spring coils to stiffen & increase the rate of the springs. I had the idea of putting these on ever since there were significant bouce on certain wavy roads, hence spotted isolators being sold by a fellow 0-100 forummer which then, were delivered after a confirmed deal the night earlier.

The package:


As my mechanic was helping with changing rims, we were stalled to the rear right when the alloy nut lug broke into half. Out of ideas, we tried go get it drilled in hope to break the compound to pieces after a friend suggested me the idea over a telephone conversation.

Drilling for 2 hours got us no where, so I had to get a friend's help to send it over to a rim shop near his place to get it removed, which still being planned because I just don't have the time yet.
A bit of preview... :D


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