Friday, September 19, 2008

The Notebook

I've just landed on a a movie of love story that tickles that soft spot of mine, after being safe for quite sometime. It's a story of how Ryan Gosling (Noah) & Rachel McAdams (Allie) started to meet each other, so in love, separated by situation & reconcile their story with complications of promises & just.

Oh this soooo remind me of my younger self... (when I was acting all complicated & lacking maturity) hahaha!
Whatever it was, tabik to Noah for fulfilling his words without 2nd thoughts. Superb.

Anyway I'm off to the 'buka puasa' at Armada Hotel, later on I will give a bump about my arm bushes that has worned out since past few days :(
Gleduk gleduk gleduk bunyinya...

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MissBehaved said...

Feeling nostalgic after recommending me this movie kaa..? heheheh... Tgh download ini.. can't wait to watch it again..