Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Project S?

Adjustable coil-overs have always been the fond of basic handling modification. As I treat myself to getting used to ride-stiffness by changing springs, I finally came to my senses of installing hi-low adjustable absorbers.
Project S of Taiwan is a newly introduced brand, which I'd say I'm satisfied with the setting & its material are acceptable if not on par with common brands like GAB or HWL. Spring rates goes 6kg (front) - 4kg (rear) which are pretty ideal to my preference.
A colourful & catchy set, how it caught my attention earlier. Was inducted by fellow ZTH forummer. Installation was later carried out by ATS Automobile in Sunway.

Thanks for the bargain, Andy.


p u t e h said...

wasap bro.
how much and where you got this set of Project S adjustable absorber?

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karem said...

hey puteh,

it's about RM1.2k from fellow 0-100 forummer under name andysky. good guy, I've bought few items from him :)